This is what progress looks like…

April 28, 2016 - Nyack, NY: This is what progress looks like.

04-28-2016-02Our skilled masons are reconstructing the northeast corner of the building where we managed a controlled collapse last fall. Note the care taken to key the corner stonework into the existing side wall (exposed under the stucco). It won't be long before we are ready to do finish mortar work at the exposed joints on this section. And, we once again want to thank DCAK-MSA (Drazen and Julia) and Helmer-Cronin (Bill) for stepping up and helping us out with this critical part of the re-build. If you are around in Nyack and want to have a closer look, please come visit us at 23 Main Street, at the foot of Main Street, steps from the Hudson River. We are happy to show off the house to visitors.

04-28-2016-01This view, from the front, shows the temporary lintels above the framed windows. We have replacement stone lintels being hand-cut on order to replace the temporary wood frames. We are just passing the second floor window frame and will soon be at the roof sill. The concrete block barrier in front of the building (where the original porch once stood) has been removed to permit access down to the foundation. Replacing the front porch (recreated from historic photos) is on our agenda for a later phase of the rehabilitation.

We need community support to keep going. Our progress is proof of our commitment.  Here are a few ways to help: (1) make a donation at our Generosity/IndieGoGo crowdfunding page; (2) become a member or make a tax-deductible contribution on our web site; (3) make a tax-deductible donation of a vehicle, running or otherwise, to the John Green Preservation Coalition; or, (4) mail a check to: The John Green Preservation Coalition, Inc., P.O. Box 378, Nyack, NY 10960.

Thank you.


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