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The Corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Corporation is formed to provide for the acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, maintenance, management and/or disposition of historic structures in and around Rockland County, NY and to provide information to the public regarding these structures, their histories and their preservation, all for the benefit of residents and visitors to Rockland County and New York State. The Corporation shall undertake the following activities in furtherance of that purpose:

  • Seek to acquire, preserve, restore, rehabilitate and arrange for the operation, maintenance, management and disposition of the John Green House at 23 Main Street in the Village of Nyack, New York.
  • Seek out other historic structures in and around Rockland County, NY in need of acquisition, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, maintenance and management and disposition;
  • Engage professionals and experts to evaluate, plan, design, and implement preservation, rehabilitation or restoration as needed;
  • Produce educational/informational materials (printed, video and otherwise) to promote awareness and communicate the existence of the historic structures; their histories, and their needs, as well as the need for historic districts in and around Rockland County, NY;
  • Engage professionals and experts to maintain the structures, plan programming around the structures, and to engage the public as to the issues related to preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of the structures;
  • Secure the future of the historic structures when possible through granting or obtaining preservation easements or similar instruments; and
  • Any and all lawful activities that may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purposes.

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